Baltic Cruise - Summer 2007

Day 6 ~ St. Petersburg ~ Peterhof Palace, St. Issac’s Cathedral, Boat ride on the Neva

Day two in St. Petersburg started calmer but there was still a band playing for our disembarkation. Heading outside of the city again, this time to Peterhof Palace where another band waited. While still crowded, we were able to have a less obstructed view of the palace interiors before heading outside to the real show. The prominent piece in the design of the palace gardens was a magnificent arrangement of fountains, all feed by the natural force of the water (NO PUMPS!) leading out to the Baltic Sea. After eating lunch at the Palace we drove back into the city to St. Issac's Cathedral then had a boat ride along the rivers of the city. From the boat we were able to see the Battleship Arrora and other landmarks our short stay did not leave us time to visit. The last stop before returning to the ship was another gift shop in search of that Russian treat - vodka.